Our Belief & Values

In a world where our natural resources and Mother Earth haven been taken for granted, we at TruAlt Bioenergy are striving to ensure that

Our Earth is protected
A sustainable future for our future generations
A cleaner planet
Our farmers are empowered
Green and Clean energy is the norm

Ethanol The Fuel of The Future

We envision a world where ethanol powers our homes, drives our vehicles, fly’s our aircrafts, and thereby protects our planet.

The Powerhouse

A product that was once only used to produce sugar, providing energy and nourishment to our bodies, sugarcane will now be the product that powers our country, making India an Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

MRN Group

Established in 1995, we have been a prominent contributor to one of the largest agro-commodity businesses in India. We are pleased to be the largest ethanol producer in India, with a capacity of 850 KLPD, and a significant force in the country's sugar industry, with a capacity of 61,000 TCD. We have prioritized sustainable goals to ensure our business is environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable. As we look out to the next decade, we aim to be the leading company in bioenergy both locally and globally.

Led by a team of several dynamic professionals who avail world-class resources, Nirani Sugars established itself as one of the market leaders in the sugar industry. Manufacturing, supplying & trading sugar in domestic and international markets, with the capacity to produce up to 18,000 QTLs of sugar every day. We are constantly diversifying our actions to meet the needs of the changing times and the improving technology base to contribute to the creation of an eco-friendly environment.

In 1995, the MRN Group was established as a single unit. Today, it comprises of over 21 different companies. Through Integrity, Creativity, and Smart Innovation, we strive to make the future a reality by staying connected to our rich resources. Our vision is to create a sustainable lifestyle through industrialization and superior quality products and services at affordable price ranges. Our mission is to propagate an eco-friendly industrial environment to support the building of sustainable societies.

Our goals are aligned with India's commitment to renewable energy, combat climate change as responsible global citizens, and mitigating global uncertainties. We aim to create an infrastructure that facilitates energy accessibility, affordability, and sustainability through waste management by recycling, and utilizing our raw materials to their full potential. While we remain committed to indulging ourselves in generating sustainable value, our primary focus is to minimize India's carbon footprint. Taking on environmental projects is an essential aspect of the MRN Group's philosophy.

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